We bought a motorhome: Pre-renovation tour

Our RV Renovation

We recently purchased a Mini Class A motorhome - 2003 Safari Trek.

For a while now, every time we're driving down the highway, we would see a mini class A and say "that's the perfect size." Then shortly after, we reminded ourselves that it wouldn't fit in our budget.

Then, one day, Facebook marketplace showed us a deal. And we just couldn't pass it up. Of course, like all good deals - it's a project.

First Steps

We didn't film a lot of the early work. We spent several weeks doing clean up with a few unexpected surprises. There was an unopened package of lube in the bathroom drawers. Eww! There were fewer mouse droppings than anticipated. There was a smoke smell that finally went away after we got every bit of old fabric out.

Motorhome Remodel

Once the clean up was complete, we moved on to some demo. We took out all the flooring. We got rid of the couch and the old mattress. (The bed is a "magic bed" that comes down from ceiling on a metal track.) We stripped the honey oak/blond cabinetry. (The photos don't show it, but much of it was loosing its finish and the kitchen cabinets were showing some water spots.)

We painted every wall in the RV. We covered the valances with a nice neutral modern fabric. We painted the dash and used leather dye to update the captains' chairs. Then we remembered we wanted to video the process and started making more of these videos for you, so we did a quick tour post-demo and then started spending more time on the series.

Coming Up Next

If you follow along, you'll get to see a lot of fun stuff. We'll show you how we refinished the solid alder cabinets into a warm feel we love. We'll show you how we created our epoxy countertops. We installed some pretty beautiful backsplash tiles. TJay will walk you through how he built a custom televator/table combination. Of course, we'll show you the finished project - which is VERY different from this preview.

We hope you follow along and enjoy!